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IndoorGPS™: An RTLS Revolution

The way to turn an entire industry on its head is to relentlessly innovate. At Vestac we took a good idea - Wi-Fi RTLS - and made it revolutionary. By combining traditional 802.11x Wi-Fi with a proprietary Infrared signaling capability we:

  • Dramatically reduced the cost of deploying a precision RTLS network
  • Delivered incomparable location accuracy
  • Extended the battery life of our tags to exceed any competitive offering
  • Forged a standards-based, Cisco-certified package for ease-of-implementation

The IndoorGPS product line delivers sub-room accuracy for a fraction of the cost of single-mode, Wi-Fi-only implementations.

If you're serious about implementing RTLS applications you should get serious about Vestac.

Extended Battery Life Longest Battery Life

Vestac tags are intelligently designed to provide maximum battery life and reduce maintenance frequency and costs. The tags can be configured for optimal power management:

  • Hibernate After Being Stationary for a Specified Period
  • Increase or Decrease the Beaconing Rate
  • Select Beaconing Power Level (High/Low)
In combination, these settings combine to provide Vestac tags with the longest battery life in the industry. Click below to learn more.
Learn more about Vestac's extended battery life
Locationing Accuracy (Crosshairs) Precise Locationing
A Wi-Fi network that was designed for laptops and smartphones can't deliver the accuracy needed for most RTLS applications. Before Vestac, this meant a major investment in additional access points. Now, the gaps in your wireless network can be inexpensively filled using our proprietary Infrared chokepoints. These low-cost, battery-operated transmitters deliver up to 150 square feet of enhanced location accuracy at a fraction of the cost of wireless-only alternatives. Find out how Vestac's IndoorGPS solutions can deliver affordable precision for your location applications.
Learn how Vestac's multi-modal tags deliver precise location information
Lowest TCO (charts) Lowest TCO
Traditional RTLS Wi-Fi Networks are capital intensive, expensive to install and require significant maintenance. IndoorGPS solutions from Vestac enable a higher-level of location accuracy at a much lower acquisition cost. Our Infrared chokepoint transmitters require no cabling or dedicated power runs and operate on a "set and forget" basis. Learn how IndoorGPS is enabling a new generation of location-based applications.
Learn why Vestac's Wi-Fi/Infrared solutions reduce acquisition, deployment and ownership costs

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Vestac Introduces Rapid-Roll™ Solution Packages for Small & Medium Businesses

Bundled RTLS infrastructure solutions simplify roll-out of location-based applications and dramatically reduce deployment costs. Systems Integrators and VARs can show clients accelerated ROI at a reduced capital cost.




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