Vestac Broadens IndoorGPS™ Offerings to Multiple Platforms Market-leading WiFi RTLS solutions now shipping for Aerohive, Aruba and Motorola

– Vestac LLC today announced the immediate availability of an extended family of locationing products based on their market-leading 220Bi multi-modal wireless/infrared tags. The new versions seamlessly interoperate with wireless networking products from Aerohive™, Aruba®, CISCO® and Motorola. Customers whose wireless strategies are based on these vendors, or those deploying a mixed vendor Wi-Fi infrastructure, can now benefit from the precision, long battery life and cost efficiency of the Vestac product set.According to Dr. Marc Bloom, director of perioperative technology & co-director of neuroanesthesia at New York University Medical Center, the multi-modal nature of Vestac’s products changes the fundamental economics of deploying WiFi-based locationing. “When we looked to implement a pilot solution at the medical center, we were surprised by the scale of the upgrades required to achieve any kind of accuracy. It was simply cost-prohibitive. The Vestac solution gave us sub-room accuracy at a fraction of the cost. In the first four weeks of the pilot, we recovered our entire cost by being able to locate expensive equipment and avoiding additional rental and replacement costs.”

Reseller-Friendly Margins and Reduced Customer Costs

The extended 220Bi tag family in combination with the 330Xi infrared chokepoint transmitters, offer resellers and integrators solid margins on a precision solution at a customer-friendly price point. “We are developing automation solutions for work flow improvement in hospitals where the performance to cost equation is critical”, said David Butler, president of St. Louis-based Heartland Innovations. “We were attracted to the open Vestac technology because it enabled us to quickly integrate WiFi-location capability into our application software in order to deliver a solution that is easy to deploy and significantly lowers the cost of acquisition for our customers.  Vestac has been responsive to our needs and we are working directly with their engineers on next generation technology.”

“We are actively seeking partners to assist us in delivering quality, inexpensive RTLS solutions across a broad range of applications”, said Bob Pinkerton, vice-president of marketing at Vestac. “We offer competitive discounts and strong marketing support for a technology set that is easily differentiated by its extraordinary return on investment.”

Resellers, Integrators and Distributors interested in the IndoorGPS family of products should contact Vestac at 1.888.610.4792 option 3 or via e-mail to Further information is available at the company’s website at

About IndoorGPS

Vestac’s tags are unique in supporting both the Wi-Fi tag specifications of multiple vendors as well as a proprietary infrared receiver that provides pin-point positioning information from signals transmitted by Vestac 330Xi choke-point transmitters. This dual-mode of operation significantly reduces the acquisition and deployment costs of a precision RTLS-capable wireless network. The result is sub-room level accuracy and the longest battery life, at a reasonable price.

About Vestac

Headquartered in Brick, NJ, Vestac designs, manufactures and markets a family of multi-modal RTLS solutions. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our technologies reduce the cost of deploying a RTLS network. Our products deliver precise, sub-room location accuracy, extended battery-life, and the lowest total cost-of-ownership of solutions in their class. Vestac products are distributed globally through a network of resellers, integrators and developers. Contact the company at for further information or access their website at