Vestac Introduces Rapid-Roll™ RTLS Solution Packages for Small & Medium Businesses

– Capitalizing on the increasing rate of deployment of location-based applications, Vestac LLC today announced the immediate availability of a series of bundled RTLS infrastructure solutions that eliminate the complexity of location-based application roll-outs and dramatically reduces deployment costs. Based on the company’s award-winning line of tags and sensors, its Active RFID-based solutions can be easily upgraded to Wi-Fi RTLS without swapping out hardware. Starting at just $4,999, these new packages are designed to assist systems integrators and value-added resellers to accelerate ROI for their clients and reduce capital costs.

According to Bob Pinkerton, Vestac’s vice-president of marketing, the new offerings change the economics of indoor locationing. “Our clients tell us that the market for location-based applications in sites that are less than 100,000 square feet is rapidly maturing. Whether that’s a small hospital, a mid-sized warehouse, a retail store or a regional/branch office space, we want to create a compelling solution that drives rapid roll-out of these solutions and accelerates ROI”, said Pinkerton. “Companies want to invest in new infrastructure that changes the way they do business but need to see payback immediately. By offering a built-in upgrade path, we’ve eliminated many of the complexities of implementing a Wi-Fi-based solution but with the headroom to grow into an enterprise-class infrastructure, if desired.”

Each solution package, combines 220Bi, dual mode wireless/infrared inventory tags to provide location information, 330Xi infrared choke-point transmitters for enhanced accuracy and 1210B Wi-Fi location sensors to deliver the location information from the tags directly to the controlling software application.

Pricing and Availability

The basic Active RFID solution suited to a 10,000 square foot facility starts at $4,999. Additional bundles scale to support thousands of tags, Wi-Fi RTLS and a maximum operating coverage area of 100,000 square feet.

Resellers, Integrators and Distributors interested in the Rapid-Roll solutions should contact Vestac via e-mail to Further information is available at the company’s website at

About Indoor GPS

Vestac’s tags are unique in supporting the Active RFID and Wi-Fi tag specifications of multiple vendors, as well as a proprietary infrared receiver that provides pin-point positioning information from signals transmitted by Vestac 330Xi choke-point transmitters. This multi-modal approach significantly reduces the acquisition and deployment costs of a precision RTLS-capable solution. The result is sub-room level accuracy and the longest battery life, at a reasonable price.

About Vestac

Headquartered in Brick, NJ, Vestac designs, manufactures in the U.S., and markets a family of multi-modal RTLS solutions that: reduce the cost of deploying a RTLS network, deliver precise, sub-room location accuracy, extend battery-life, and enjoy the lowest total cost-of-ownership of solutions in its class. Vestac products are distributed globally through a network of resellers, integrators and developers. Contact the company at for further information or access their website at