Vestac Releases Industry’s First Multi-Modal Wi-Fi and Infrared Wireless Tracking System

Brick, NJ – June, 25, 2009 – Vestac LLC today announced the general availability of the industry’s first FCC approved, multi-modal Wi-Fi and Infrared (IR) Real Time Locationing System (RTLS). This unique, patent-pending RFID capability combines high accuracy Wi-Fi positioning algorithms with IR’s inherent lower cost “choke point” tracking. With a long battery life, Vestac delivers a flexible, easy to deploy positioning solution for the lowest total cost of ownership. The system has already received advance orders from several large enterprises for tracking people, inventory, and equipment.

The 220Bi tag and 330Xi battery-operated IR transmitter support simultaneous tracking through Wi-Fi and IR, and overcoming the limits of traditional RFID tags. This allows for a low-cost deployment and delivers a high level of accuracy even in areas with relatively sparse Wi-Fi coverage. The 220Bi tags can be worn by personnel or affixed to assets and are available in several form factors, which can be customized to specific requirements. The 220Bi and the 330Xi transmitter form a unique “Deploy and Go” architecture which requires no additional network modifications or expensive wiring.
The 220Bi is compatible with Wi-Fi networks offerings from Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, Trapeze Networks, Meru Networks and other vendors. However, it can also be optionally deployed in a unique IR only mode.

Vestac’s tracking technologies have been purchased by several universities and by a Fortune-50 client for deployment in various market segments including manufacturing, education, warehousing, transportation logistics, government and military.
About Vestac

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